From island to island

The East Frisian island of Norderney formed from November the 4th to the 5th base for a visit of kinsmen from the Danish Wadden Sea island Fanoe. Once a year islanders from Fanoe visits one of the other Wadden Sea islands to exchange experiences and to learn from fellow islanders. This year the destination was the island of Norderney. On this years journey Ms. Anne Krag Svendsen, from the Euregio secretariat joined the trip.

The tour included a visit to the conference center where stell. Geschäftsführer Hr Rass og ständigen Vertreter des Bürgermeisters Hr Ulrichs kindly welcomed the visitors. The Danish delegation, which included actors, particularly within the tourism industry was especially interested in the German kurtaxe, its implementation and the financial opportunities made available for local use. On Noderney the ferry ticket acts as "Norderney Card". The multifunctional card is a combination of a ticket, service and holiday card and includes a number of discounts and services available to the cardholder.

Among other subjects addressed was the financing of the recently restored coastal defense installations and seafront promenade which aroused interest. Following an informative discussion in which many questions were answered, the delegation was shown around the area of the Kurplatz. This included a visit to the reestablished Kurtheater, which is inspired by the famous Opernhouse in Hannover. The Kurtheater on Norderney is used for theater performances, concerts and as a movie theater. It holds a capacity for more than 350 guests - impressive. Also, the "Badehaus - Norderney" and its alluring wellness and talasso area were captured by the Danish visitors. A great visible overview of the island was delivered by a trip with tourist train "Bömmels Bimmelbahn".



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