Book of the Project "Any Questions? The Mandoe Dialogues" has been published.

Fresh from the printers, the book of the project "Any Questions? The Mandoe Dialogues" is now published.

The Book is the outcome of the final phase of "Any Questions? The Mandoe Dialogues" . This project took place on the Danish Wadden Sea island Mandoe and "Any Questions? " was developed and organised by the Foundation Wadden Art for the Wadden Sea Festival  in Denmark in 2010.

The Project was based in sociology of rural and community development and focused on social interaction with the Mandoe population. Starting in 2009 the project over time developed into a project where artists, researchers worked alongside amidst the small society on the island Mandoe.

The book describes the process of the project and the contributors to the book are representatives of all different levels, but all in some way involved in the future of Mandoe. The book gives a cross section of the actual situation of Mandoe, how art and research create dialogue with the inhabitants.



Any Questions? Book

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