International Projects

Here you will find short descriptions of some of the international projects Euregio partners are invovled in. Relevant links will be found under each of the descriptions.


Cradle to Cradle Islands (C2C Islands)

4 of the German and Dutch Euregio Wadden Sea islands are involved in the Interreg IVB project “Cradle to Cradle islands” which runs from 1 January 2009 until summer of 2012.
The project aim is to contribute to environmental sustainability and economic profit of the North Sea Region by:
* Applying Cradle to Cradle® to develop energy responsible and sustainable solutions for island environments;
* Using islands as labs and testing grounds for sustainable innovations;
* Developing networks of stakeholders to ensure transferability and dissemination of project results on the themes water, energy and materials.
Would you like to know more about the project, follow the link:



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