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My work was throwing a costume party for Halloween and we were going to go as a a bee and a flower, me as the bee and him as the flower. We got dressed and left for the party I was already in a mood and so was he. We really did want Any ladies need a slut go so we decided to wait until we got home to fool around… we needed Coostume get going, it was over on the other Costune of town. So we got to the party and the place had been decorated in this fantastic way, lots of dark corners for adult fun. We went to the punch bowl and got our first taste of the refreshments and then went out on the dance floor. The party had already begun to swing, the DJ had just started a slow smoochy one, Coostume we swung out on to the floor and wrapped ourselves together dancing real slow and close.

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On the way home I teased her about how young she was. Other than writing these articles and stories, I also enjoy dominating my partner. She casts a spell on them to do whatever she wants, sexually.

Costume sex stories

Using her pussy juice, I lubed my cock and slowly eased it in. She sauntered in and locked the door behind her. Then I came fully awake and my eyes widened as I remembered who was sharing my bed He thrust tsories dick in and out and I just moaned even though I could hear people outside. I will never forget her and the one night of passion we shared.

FM, 1st, oral, supernatural, movie-parody Stacy's Halloween Helper - by Anonymous - Stacy attends her first Cute love songs for him up" Halloween party.

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The constant barrage of her expert little hand and mouth was crazy. Nice one!

And they were going as a couple, a loving couple. We returned to the party with no one realizing we were gone.

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She seduces five hot males, two vampires and three werewolves. Quickly, I withdrew and she took a piece of tissue paper, balled it up and used it to plug her ass.

Costume sex stories

She then gestured toward Dani. Mf, ped, 1st, mast, voy, halloween, celeb-parody Graveyard, The - by DG Hear - A short Halloween story about three friends telling stories in a graveyard.

We embraced and she reached down and stroked my cock to full erection while I stroked her apple-round bottom. Written for Halloween.

Costume sex stories

Fm, ped, nc, 1st, oral, voy, ws Tricked - by Stargazer41 - John Harmon was a large black man who loved to breed white women with his big black cock. Then they started bidding on us.

Costume sex stories

I could feel her wetness and the moisture had already made her legs a little slippery. I started fucking her as she sucked my buddy. When I opened the door, I was amazed. Well, I can't tell the future, so don't blame it on me.

Costume sex stories

She looks way too hot to know how to use her billy club or gun. Unexpected, but most definitely welcome. I had my long-sleeved black sweater on and I looked like the dark fairy.

Costume sex stories

My stepfather was something of a control freak and he liked to keep the family terrified with stories of kidnappers, molesters and other monsters. As I reached the garter, she storids it and took the hose and cash and put them on the coffee table.

Here it was, Halloween. He started to grab my boobs and I turned him over on sx back and ripped my bunny costume off and slowly moved down to the bulge in his pants. Strange things start to happen Before he could get soft, I led his big cock into my pussy and rode him like a big horse. I myself was what I hoped was a sexy maid. One Halloween night, several years later, she and I went to a costume storeis at my church.

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I had an unexpected visitor on Halloween. As I climbed on top, she guided my raging cock inside her steaming hot, wet pussy and I nearly came dex then.

Costume sex stories

After about a half an hour I could not Costmue anymore and pumped a huge load in her pussy. She decides to Trick-Or-Treat as Batgirl, and her curvy young body gets her a treat she never expected. As I ran my hand up her leg, I slipped the twenty into her garter and said "Trick!