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I Craigslisf simple, somewhere or flyable in hours. The seller told us that he obtained this antenna from an individual located in the Denver, Colorado, area, whose name and address he could not remember.

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Officers will NOT be assisting in the transaction or keeping a log of them. Munitions List item[A]: Yes; ificant Military Equipment: Yes; Required disposal action: Total destruction of item and components so as to preclude restoration or repair to a usable condition by melting, cutting, tearing, scratching, crushing, breaking, punching, neutralizing, etc. Department of Commerce.

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Rather, our report provides only a "snapshot" of some items that investigators identified and purchased. According to the manufacturer, these tabs have the same properties as personzls IR tabs affixed to ACUs and are a comparable product. Military Items: Statement of Gregory D.

The Internet is one place that defense-related items can be purchased, raising the possibility that some sensitive items are available to those who can afford them. For more information, contact Gregory D. He lists U.

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The seller was subsequently linked to a string of larcenies on the base and is currently serving over 3 years mknot prison. Furthermore, only eBay contains warnings related to export control issues and overseas sales, even though both Web sites have an international reach.

Craigslist minot nd personals

When we asked the seller to identify the source of the items listed on his eBay store front, he told us that military personnel frequently arrive at his shop with the items for sale. Government ability Office GAO to be accessible to users with visual impairments, as part of a longer term project to improve GAO products' accessibility. Based on our referral, Army CID executed a search warrant at the seller's residence and discovered a substantial amount of stolen U.

Demil perxonals indicate whether property is available for public use without restriction or whether specific restrictions apply, such as removal of classified oersonals, destruction, or trade security controls.

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Munitions List item[A]: Yes; ificant Military Equipment: No; Required disposal action: Demilitarization not required; trade security controls required at disposition. After our referral, Army CID executed a search warrant of the seller's residence and discovered pereonals substantial amount of stolen U. For each sale, the gun-store owner obtained the ature of the seller and photocopied their identification card--in some cases, sellers provided him with their military IDs.

According to eBay records, winning eBay bidders for other auctions held by this seller were located in Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, and Prsonals. These items could have been stolen from the military.

Craigslist minot nd personals

We also reported that our undercover investigators purchased items from the Government Liquidation Web site that should not have been sold to the public, including SAPIs which were in demand by U. We observed this in several cases during our investigation, when questionable advertisements for weapons and other obviously prohibited sales we identified were also apparently noticed by Craigslist users, leading to removal of the items from the Web site.

Our prior reports found that control breakdowns at DOD allowed members of the general public to acquire sensitive defense-related items, including F components, from the Government Liquidation Web site; these items had not been demilitarized properly.

North dakota personals - craigslist north dakota personals

Losses included nearly chemical and biological protective suits, over 70 units of body armor, and 5 guided missile warhe. These IR tabs work with the goggles we purchased, giving us access to night-fighting technology that could be used against U.

While eBay has an administrative staff and investigative teams that look into fraud and prohibited sales occurring on the site, Craigslist has a smaller staff and largely relies on its user community for identifying inappropriate advertisements or postings. The physical store sells a variety of military items ranging from parachute cords to military patches. Additionally, users can report prohibited items being sold or other violations of policies; Craigslist: Relies on users to detect and report advertisements for prohibited items.

However, officials representing the manufacturer of the night vision goggles told us that the goggles should not be sold on eBay and that, consequently, a violation of its distribution policies had occurred at some point in the distribution process.

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Horny girl Durham In general, military MREs are boxed in cases of Some of these items are also defined as ificant military equipment, which are items for which special export controls are warranted because of their capacity for substantial military utility or capability. Open profile My activity is fargo, would say i was "The Analyst", they are my life and they come first.

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To perform this work, GAO investigators used undercover identities to pose as members of the general public, meaning that they conducted their work with names, Swingers board stories cards, and contact information that could not be traced to GAO. Family mean alot to me. The store owners told us they purchased gear from service members--including Kevlar helmets, flak jackets, gas masks, and ACUs--and sold it through eBay to the general public.

Craigslist personals watford city

We also did not test the government's enforcement of export controls by attempting to transfer what we purchased overseas, or validate whether eBay and Craigslist sellers we identified actually exported items to other countries. We referred this matter to DCIS for investigation.

Case 4: IR tabs. Regarding the sale of military MREs, the official stated that "nobody has indicated to us that it's illegal to sell MREs. Demil code: C; U.