H. B.s Big Heist: A Jack Lafoot Adventure Story Joseph D Medwar

ISBN: 9781477294314

Published: January 9th 2013



H. B.s Big Heist: A Jack Lafoot Adventure Story  by  Joseph D Medwar

H. B.s Big Heist: A Jack Lafoot Adventure Story by Joseph D Medwar
January 9th 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9781477294314 | 5.27 Mb

JACK LAFOOT CONTINUES HIS LIFE ADVENTURES WITH SHELLY STRAIGHT HIS SIGNIFICANT OTHER. The Number One priority was to prepare for their wedding in October. Besides the wedding, Shelly graduates college in May, from Jem City University. After the ceremony that night, Jack, and Emily...Shellys mother, conjure up a huge surprise party with all her friends and family at their favorite nightspot. Shelly was quite surprised and overwhelmed. Jack lives for his job in the EMS, with Mike his EMT Ambulance partner.

They became a well oiled machine, saving lives... some heroic and other times just another day in the EMS. Meanwhile... gangs from the Jem City projects act up causing major disturbances around the city. Brutal games on the basketball courts for money and power take place. A particular gang led by their notorious leader, went to extremes for cold hard cash. Their Hardcore felonies... brought in the Jem City Police Homicide Detectives, Dan Demarco and Brian Leman.

They conduct investigations and collect their evidence. The duo was hot on the gangs tail. One thing led to another, as the evil gang hook up with a much stronger, more experienced group, specializing in complicated heists and prostitution. Strategically, they plan a major robbery in a bank, downtown.

It was the perfect heist and they would make millions if they pulled it off. Unfortunately, one day Jack and Shelly while out doing last minute errands for their wedding, somehow step into a major crime in progress. Will they live to see tomorrow? The book will thrill you to the end as chapter after chapter, climax to the final-conclusion. The Author Joseph D Medwar writes another crime thriller Jack Lafoot Adventure story called...H.

B.s Big Heist.

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