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I stopped taking E after my friend was diagnosed with bipolar disease, or manic depression.

A complete history of ecstasy - drug rehab options

I felt fine, so I agreed. I have never tried "E". The fact of the matter is that you can educate teens on why not to use drugs, but the Hos decision is made by that person! Don't think for one minute that all people who go to raves do drugs.

Don't panic, but there's probably meth in your ecstasy and de-wormer in your cocaine | dallas observer

Unfortunately, the hangover the next day was BAD. That's when drugs became my friend. Don't make the same mistakes as I did. POV is anything that expresses your feelings, experiences, and opinions on an issue.

It has screwed my life up and I regret it. Basically, I think that if I was more educated on the dangers of exstasy and other drugs when I got into high school I might have made different decisions. It was the scariest thing in my life.

How is ecstasy made

As a matter of fact, there is not enough information readily available for teens to get their hands on, and even if they get their hands on it, they won't realize until they're the ones being hurt of even hying Chat glasgow their death beds for a couple of hours of a high. To anyone who wants to take "E", I am not saying don't take it, but nor am I saying go out, take it, it's gonna make you feel good.

How is ecstasy made

I had met some people at the club, and we all became pretty good friends-- one of them even became my boyfriend. Also, the daily newscasts are filled with evidence that this drug is not safe. It took everything to try and breathe.

If i really need information about drugs like ecstasy, I'll have to go and research myself. I've seen many a people tweak, flip out, vomit, be so smashed that they didnt even know who they were! When I think about it I feel really dumb because now I know the "bad" side of the drug.

What are the risks? Both times with friends at ecsatsy house. However, after about an hour or so of "rollin", I started drifting in and out of what seemed like sleep, but in reality only lasted a minute or two. You can't gain it back, once it is gone, it's gone.

Depression, anxiety, stress, re-occurring nightmares of the night, and bad headaches were a few things that ecstasu me after I took ecstasy. I couldn't breathe at all My friend was gonna buy it for me, he even had my money in his pocket.

Ecstasy: what parents need to know (for parents) - nemours kidshealth

I'd really like to see people estasy at the other things in the "rave" scene because of these new kids, we're being shut down. This is the longest I have gone without taking "X", and to tell you the truth, thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. I never thought that I would be addicted to "E". I was completely dehydrated, so while splashing water on my face in the bathroom I had turned to leave but only to see myself in the mirror.

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I emptied out my bank and started getting it for free. I realize the effects of the drug, but it is a risk to do any drug. I got hooked. I was addicted to Ecstacy. I was really proud of myself for a while. I would not use it regularly. Use of the drug also may result in muscle tension, involuntary teeth clenching, nausea, blurred vision, tremors, rapid eye movement, sweating, or chills.

Ecstasy: effects on the body

I felt awesome. All I wanted to do was go home, and wished I had never taken the pill. Your body is a temple.

How is ecstasy made

There is a big population of clubgoers that have a great love and passion for electronic music.