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Naganawanaland — Kelly Coffield plays a newly appointed U. Velma Mulholland — Kelly Coffield is a woman who looks and acts in the style of film noir movies, earning her the nickname the "Film Noir Girl".

The it list: 'deadliest catch' captains face off against the russians, 'in living color' turns 30, 'mrs. america' debuts and the best in pop culture the week of april 13,

C[ edit ] Calhoun Tubbs — David Alan Grier portrays an old bluesman whose songs invariably insult or otherwise offend his audience. The Buttmans fail to see the jokes directed at their strange appearance. Kurt Singen — Jim Livng plays a flamboyant environmentalist who is offended by everything he sees. Another notable instance of the sketch involved a case of mistaken identity with Keenen Ivory Wayans playing Single at a wedding escaped convict known as the " Billy Dee Williams Doppelganger Bandit" who robs Laquita's residence, but is suddenly dtaing by an appearance of the real Williams.

Jamie foxx’s ‘wanda’ on the dating game – one of the funniest skits ever!

Brooks realizes her husband had laid a trap for her and she pulls out a sword and says "Prepare to Colkr the Dragon! F[ edit ] Fire Marshal Bill Burns — Jim Carrey portrayed a crazed, masochistic and supposedly immortal fire marshal with a manic grin and laugh along with a scarred face whose safety advisories usually include demonstrating on himself the very disaster he's warning against.

In living color dating game

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Look like two ham hocks! He proceeds to get stabbed twice accidentally by Kelly Coffield while attempting to show how to defend against a knife attack, Horny woman Hudson is eventually unmasked as a fake by nI other students in the class.

East Hollywood Squares — An urbanized version of the original — Hollywood Squareswith Peter Marshall as himself, along with such occasional real-life celebrities as Gary Coleman and Fred Berry. Loomis Simmons — David Alan Grier plays a shady infomercial host shilling out ridiculous products and services. Before his "Pappy", who raised 3 generations of runaway slaves, passes away, he tells Timbuk it's time to leave the cave.

Catchphrase: "Hollerin' wit' my glove in ya mouth" is paraphrased from a line by Snoop Dogg in the Dr.

In living color. season three

She supposedly is the long lost member of the group En Vogue but left because she was taking all of the men. Escort newport ri trademark quip for this show is that Grandpa Jack would say "pork and beans" in a slurred tone and then he would repeat it again by shouting itas the family often dined on that particular dish.

From there, they undermine their grandiose pitches with ill-conceived daring, business cards with their mothers' address cilor telephoneor business cards of other businesses such as carpet cleaners with the proper business crossed out and their names written on it, and reliance on public transportation. His catchphrase is "Good Lord that's a lot of money!

Wanda on the dating game

Wile Folor Coyote - Jamie Foxx portrays a jaded parody of Wile E Coyote who insists on being called "Willy" Coyote who is vocally and visibly tired of being a cartoon character. When a customer with a complaint asked to speak to the owner, he was livinng to Leon David Alan Grier who always sits in the spot by the door and shouts outrageous phrases such as: "I can make a booger talk!

In living color dating game

Each of his songs ends suddenly with "That's it! Some sketches would show the family owning their own business, such as a Girls over 55 need love or an airline, with a joke being that multiple responsibilities would all be filled by the family members. The jogger returns with police to take the businessman away due to the earlier altercation. A running gag features Cornbread mistaking people he meets for children who died in tragic accidents.

Major villains include Isadora and Doctor Naughty; the former has attempted to eliminate Handi Man and the Tiny Avenger, livlng kidnap a ballerina to steal her dancing abilities, while the latter is a villain who hates handicapped people and sees Handi Man as his main adversary.

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Often enough, they run into the featured celebrity Johnny GillTupac Shakurand others and proceed to deny them for the same reasons to the point where a fight is about to break out. Ted Turner 's Very Colorized Classics — Jim Carrey portrays film enthusiast Turner, only instead of colorizing black and white films, he replaces the white stars of those films with black actors. Handi Man — Damon Wayans portrays a handicapped superhero possessing super-strength, flight, invulnerability and several other powerswho sometimes has a midget sidekick Tiny Avenger, played by Debbie Lee Carrington.

Examples include learning hip-hop dance moves, and trying to act black to relate to his boss Tommy Davidson to get a promotion at work. It was one of the sketches that generated a large amount of controversy for the show due to the spoofing of those with disabilities, but remains one of the best known sketches of the show. Ed Cash and Carl Pathos — Co-pastors of the "First Church of Discount Sin" and crooked televangelistswith Damon Wayans as Cash, the afro -wearing pastor who names and shames people who don't deliver their required Bayamon nude naughty women, speaks in nonsensical tonguessells indulgencesand heals parishioners by taking their wallets.

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In the sketch, he attempts to tell the colo of Cinderella, but he makes too many connections to himself that he stops reading and talks about the things he hasn't accomplished yet, such as not winning a Grammy yet. Unlike Calhoun Tubbs, Seamus' songs were not as short, nor did they have a catchy sendoff.

In living color dating game

Spock and Kim Wayans as Lt. Coffield tells Coles that she'd like How long does pcp last take a swim, but that her period prevents her from doing so. Background Guy — Jim Carrey plays a guy who does wacky funny stuff while news anchors are doing serious news commentaries.

In fact, on Frenchie's second appearance in which he toasts a friend's bachelor party, he did say towards the end of the skit — " The time limit imposed on sales was typically due to the impending arrival of the police. At the end of the dance routine, the girls nervously back up against the closet on the set's mock rooftop.

As he put it, "I am a fight choreographer! He is usually foiled by an equally poetic undercover cop David Alan Grier. All rights reserved.

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His catchphrases included "Lemme show ya something!! In one sketch, she plays a realtor attempting to sell an apartment to an Asian couple, telling them the hard wood floors were good for them to practice karate on. When a couple tells him he is crazy, he comments "My ex-wife told me the liviing thing", indicating that he has adjusted to adult life but somehow feels his life is incomplete because he grew up without parents.