Dog World: Gone to Hell Jason McKinney



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Dog World: Gone to Hell  by  Jason McKinney

Dog World: Gone to Hell by Jason McKinney
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During the Dark Ages when the Black Death ran riot over Europe, a mutation in the deadly disease created something far worse- werewolves. In the centuries following, adversaries of humankind plotted to take their perceived place as the planets dominate life form. The 2003 invasion of Iraq provided the proving grounds to make that hellish dream a reality. The result was an unbridled success.The war of lycan dominance has been started with a nuclear bang.

The Aberration forces, led by centuries old werewolf Karl Vance, have overrun the worlds population. Major cities lie in radioactive ruins- millions are dead or dying, while more have been enslaved to serve as nothing more than food for the lycan war machine.Even though the world’s militaries are augmented by the human sympathetic forces of the lycan Underground, it appears that humankind has little chance for survival.Vances former lycan ally from the days of the plague, Timothy Hughes, works to rally whats left of mankind and its allies to bring human civilization back from the brink.US Marine Corps Major Omi Kunpai, US Army infantry Captain Paul Demarti and other survivors of the initial attacks in Iraq join Hughes in taking a stand against Vance’s Aberration.

Together they hope to take back what is theirs and take the fight to Vance. It’s their world now, but hopefully not for long.

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