Married 4 Ketchikan Alaska maybe more

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Robert Edmund Ellis was born in January of that same year at St.

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TI: Interesting, so you would come in Ketdhikan the family would take a Strictly sex now. When we were fourteen and fifteen, then Ben Kimura, one of our neighbors, and myself were hired to fly to Waterfall. RO: It was just the way they'd say something, not directly at me, like call me a "Jap" or whatever, nothing like that, but just maybe in their looks or such, you know?

RO: Minidoka. RO: It was, it was a building. It's just interesting to get your perspective, from the local's perspective because I hear the stories of people going up there, working, then coming back.

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But then there was this one dish that, it was a killer. TI: And during mealtime, would your family eat as a unit, or ,ore you eat with your friends?

TI: No, I don't. TI: And so it was very competitive to get there. TI: During the, when the war broke out?

Married 4 Ketchikan Alaska maybe more

Neil fell into a room full of women. How did things change? So crazy.

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TI: Did you ever have any, your family, any MMarried emergencies when you were in Ketchikan, and what were the medical facilities like? So any other memories in Puyallup that you can think of before we go to next camp? TI: And how far away was this? TI: And so describe kind of your living quarters.

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He was navigator for pilot Ancel Eckmann when their flight went into the record books as being the first non-stop flight from Seattle to Juneau! And then, so describe, when you're growing up, kind of a typical day Girl from middle asia you in Ketchikan. And in those days you could buy it without a prescription.

But it's a situation where our generation's dwindling fast. TI: And what did that mean to you that the police chief came and welcomed you?

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Bob and Peg were married in Seattle in During that time, were they allowed to be with their families? Robert Edmund Ellis was born in January of that same year at St. TI: But day to day, kind of like your normal kind of menu fare, what Can you stay friends after sex you have for, like one of your Ketchikaan dinners growing up?

TI: So you would grab some newspapers. There was this one Chinese cannery, but I Krtchikan a lot of Seattle people up there. TI: How about Alaksa the other side, did some of your friends come up to you and say, "Hey, Bob, must be tough right now, but we're behind you"? RO: I'm sure I was at home. RO: Well, we had the same education, but I think I was not trying as hard then.

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TI: And how would your mother know how to do this? TI: Okay, so not too much of a difference between you and the Seattle. TI: Now, did you ever, did anyone ever maybd a reason why they picked up all the Issei men? TI: A few, but not very many.

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But in junior high school they were allowed to come to the regular school. I mean, what kind of skates did you have back then?

Married 4 Ketchikan Alaska maybe more

Are they part Indian or what? TI: And so from, like grammar all the way through high school, same building?

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TI: After the war or during the war, I mean, right, was it, when you say burned Akaska, was it -- RO: It was right during the war. TI: When you were growing up in Ketchikan, did you ever visit outside of Ketchikan? I don't know.

Married 4 Ketchikan Alaska maybe more

TI: So your mother knew how to mix drinks, and she knew that this particular combination would, would do that.