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Please come back often. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it to: The Staff Abandoned Innocents - by Kitty - Syories 14 year old Naomi's parents decide to leave the country for 3 months, they put her older brother Wesley in charge of her. Wes likes to party, and thinks Naomi is old enough to take care of herself.

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Mind control

While Esmerelda stared at her plate, and Traci keep looking towards her charge with expectant eyes. Their on line relationship has developed into one of master and slave. Our heroine does come out essentially unharmed in the end. The husband uses hypnosis to get his wife to fuck him and to satisfy herself as well. MF, mc, magic, preg African Drums - by Dark Dreamer - This is the story of a spoiled teenage coed who is forced to accompany her parents on an African safari.

This is the story of my youth, next I will tell your how my youth has effected my adult married life. MF, FF, nc, rp, bd, intr, storiws, v, mc A Brutal And Violent Beating And Fuck - by Littledickboy - I called my girlfriend's cell phone and instead of her answering it was her attacker who had brutally beaten, storied and was now destroying my girlfriend.

She was kneeling before him in the middle of the family room.

Mc sex stories

White wives become playmates for the black men while their docile husbands become cuckolds with a little help of mind control. MF, mc, huml, preg Behavioral Experiment Case Study - by Quid Pro Quo - A boy, his mother and sister on a family camping trip stumble upon a remote clinic, where they become unwilling subjects in a behavioral modification experiment.

Starting with his mom's best friend, his mom, his sister and the friend's daughter. One day she discovers Mf real passion for erotic Sydney shemale massage and begins posting stories on sex story sites. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it to: The Staff Abandoned Innocents - by Kitty - When 14 year old Naomi's parents decide to leave the country for 3 months, they put her older brother Wesley in charge of her.

Mc sex stories

Well, if Hermes's eloquence is not enough, there are other ways. MMF, mc, beast A Midsummer's Nightmare - George Carter seex A couple find that their genders have been switched without their knowing how it happened and that storie are being 'persuaded' to do things they might Asian girl Gaithersburg Maryland otherwise do.

Then Sky finds something to blackmail her with and he plans to make her do things that are totally out of character for her.

Mc sex stories

MMF, wife, voy, orgy, ws, mc, bi, swing, cuck Cuckold's Journal - by Girl Toy - This is the journal of a man who has become his wife's cuckold. She was a slightly plump very pretty blonde in her early twenties, dressed in a smart business suit with a white blouse and dark, sheer, hose, probably tights. In it I entail the story of a teenage student who in a sense hypnotizes his beautiful year-old neighbor woman Christina to have sex with him. Will it destroy his wife's? No, she decides to investigate the death of her mother, a case more than a decade old.

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Michelle can't believe what happens next. What follows is not really a story but my memoranda, notes, studies, general sketches for my eventual graduate paper studying the true nature of a subspecies known variously as cocksuckers, queers, faggots, etc. Their beautiful daughter, Athena takes care of her daddy until stores is taken away. MF, mc, v, tort Control - by Andy G.

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Then touches. Stepmother hypnotizes husband and Md and makes them to do her bidding. FFmf, ped, bi, 1st, inc, mc, drugs, preg Eight-balled - by Marica R. Once in a while the opportunity presents itself to repay these long-tolerated mischieves. Then one night after another long day at the office, I sat down, cracked open a cold Twin Hills horny older women and turned on the news and waited for the weekly drawing.

Mike was just getting to know the area and get his plans in place for his new group of mind controlled sex slaves. storiss

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Star Aex setting - commission story. He attended "normal" classes with others his own age, and often felt the looks and heard the words of his weakness.

Mc sex stories

There were so many delicious and wonderfully different ladies out there for him to experience. FF, mc, hypno Campus Dream - by Anon - Brian, a college student hooks up with a pretty co-ed, who happens to be stroies lesbian and who likes to dominate Brian sexually. She wanted revenge, but we both got something totally unexpected instead. But with the sex I can post it here and perhaps entertain the more literary minded among you.

Mc sex stories

So Dawn and her group of friends do what needs to be done. But under hypnosis of Dr. She engineers a permanent personality switch with her teenage son.

aex Sincerely, Their lover-boy. MF, FF, teens, inc, mc Disabled Powers - by Caesar - Part 21 - It was extremely quiet in the large house, the two other domestics had been given the day off so he and his nurse could be alone. He offers to hypnotize her, and ends up by accident hypnotizing both girls.

Mind control stories

Now Dahala rode forth storjes find it. He has Joe implant some extra subliminal suggestions to create a memorable Christmas Eve. For one, she was fully conscious and very fearful of the actions she was forced to do while being unable to move. MF, wife-cheat, mc, nc?

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MMF, wife, mc, exh, intr, threesome Dr. The possibilities were endless. MF, reluc, mc Evil Queen, The - by Mandible - Captivated and enchanted wouldn't be too drastic of a description when a yeoman is captured and toyed with by an evil Queen who knows how to manipulate men to get what she wanted, to get what she needs. I suppose it would go back to when my parents divorced, but really Unexpected sex stories think it was when my mom dex.

It is real. The situations described here are at best impossible or at worst highly immoral in real life.

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But the guy has a thing from his partner's roommate. MF, reluc, anal, mc Stodies - by Jens LaFlure - Transgender story from France - It was some three months after I'd gone to live with my aunt that things began to change. An officer of the law promptly stops Michelle on her first venture out alone in the car. I knew that I would have three days at the company and I needed somewhere to stay and some amusement.