Cannibal Business Bruce Ferguson


Published: November 24th 2014

Kindle Edition

358 pages


Cannibal Business  by  Bruce Ferguson

Cannibal Business by Bruce Ferguson
November 24th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 358 pages | ISBN: | 4.60 Mb

The future is full of boundless hope. Lets not procrastinate in a sea of vexing uncertainty. Now is the time to plan for the future. Most of the people who are world leaders, media personalities and CEOs of major corporations, who need to read this book, sadly never will. They will continue to operate in their insular day to day world, managing for the present and sacrificing the future. Their prime motivation is to maintain power whatever the cost, by acquiescing to lobbyists and special interest groups, serving the interests of faceless shareholders or voters, while maximising their own business interests, pensions and bonuses.

This is Cannibal Business, where business, power and greed, comes first, with people and the environment ranking a poor second. Cannibal Business is the business of winners and losers where people fight for diminishing resources during zero economic growth. Cannibal Business is the drum beat of the 21st Century. Imagine the planet Earth is like an island with a burgeoning population now facing scarce resources. Which Tribes or Countries will win the contest for the remaining resources? How will these resources be distributed, fairly or unfairly?

What innovations and technology will humans adopt to meet the challenges of the future? What economic system will evolve in the coming century? If you dare, awaken your senses and join me on an incredible but perilous adventure into our uncertain but exciting future!

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