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The Complete Tudor Dynasty for Kids!  by  Carol Derbyshire

The Complete Tudor Dynasty for Kids! by Carol Derbyshire
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The Tudors are the most infamous family to sit on the throne of England. Now for the first time, all three of Carol Derbyshire’s best selling books about the Tudors are now available in one ultimate volume at a reduced price.The Complete Tudor Dynasty for Kids!!Book One – The Tudors for Kids! Henry VIII himself tells the complete story of his family from his father’s victory over Richard III at Bosworth field through to the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Henry describes in great detail his own life from growing up with sisters and the death of his brother, through to his wives and their repeated failure to deliver what every queen of England should provide…a son! He then tells of his son’s short reign, the plot to put Lady Jane on the throne and the burnings of protestants ordered by his eldest daughter, Mary.

Finally Henry tells how his little girl ruled England for 44 years, all in a time when women were simply meant to dance, sew and bear children.Book Two – The Six Wives of Henry VIII for Kids! In this book Henry VIII’s tell their own stories about how they fell in love with the king and then in many cases were discarded. Catherine of Aragon tells how she grew up learning about being a queen from her mother, then her short marriage to Arthur and being left in poverty by Henry VII.

She tells of her happiness before being discarded by the king. Anne Boleyn tells her story from the Tower of London, in two days she will die, but her story touches on happier times. She is fearful of leaving her daughter Elizabeth without a mother. Jane Seymour tells her tale, just after giving birth to a Prince! However, she believes that fever is ripping through her body and she wants to leave a record of her life for her son to read. Anne of Cleves talks about how Henry VIII never loved her and likened her to his horse.

Katherine Howard writes her story the night before her execution and regrets her stupidity. Finally Katherine Parr story tells how she outlived Henry VIII and finally got the marry that man that she always wanted to.Book Three – Elizabeth 1….for Kids!

Forty-four years on the throne and never married. Find out how Elizabeth 1 became the greatest monarch to ever sit on the throne of England. Learn how she lost her mother at such an early age and was then imprisoned in the Tower of London herself by her own sister. Discover how she got the news that she was Queen of England and how the council pressed her to marry. Learn whom Elizabeth really loved and why she could never marry him. Also in this book, find out about Mary Queen of Scots who plagued Elizabeth for most her life and how she finally pushed Elizabeth too far.

Finally relive the Spanish Armada and how Elizabeth died and the crown of England past to King James of Scotland.

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