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An altercation in a shop le to unpleasant and unexpected consequences. To get to school all the kids in the village got one of the various buses from one of four stops.

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Every time I tried I was interrupted by Miss Harper.

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Even more reluctantly her fingers went to the clasp on her skirt, unclipped it and lowered it revealing a pair of high waisted ivory silk knickers and her matching suspender belt holding up the stockings. I wondered about the wisdom of her being here, or me for that matter.

Spanking older ladies

Lord Colton, as everyone knew him, was an amenable if remote chap in his fifties. Vicky said she was in shock once she had completed it. As the third stroke whipped in I concentrated on my feelings of hate towards the woman who was responsible for placing me in this position. Her bottom was now nearly a wall of red from bottom to top as many of the stripes were merging.

As I queued, along with a couple of other girls, and a couple of older ladies, Lady Colton-Smythe breezed in and, rather than the end of Free old women porn queue, went straight to the counter and ordered a pack of cigarettes.

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Marjorie Colton-Smythe was moaning as the Head, with a grim and angry face, laid the cane on the upper half of the target. As I sat on the way home — the bus driver would not allow us to stand on the drive back — with my hands under my legs to keep the weight off the hard, bouncy seat, my thoughts turned to Claire. Right at the base of my buttocks. My mother was not in and, after damping my blazer and skirt where the worst of the blood was, and putting my blouse in cold water, I went to my room and read for a while until calmed down enough to get on with some homework.

While part of me wanted to cry and I could feel my eyes getting damp, I was not going to give that bitch the satisfaction of seeing me broken.

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Mine was with relief she clearly understood and believed oldee. I noticed Miss Harper slightly modify her stance and realised the last two blows were to be diagonal cuts, as I had received. Pulling up my knickers carefully to cover as much of lower half of my bottom I gave Miss Harper a last despairing plea.

Spanking older ladies

Thus there was more ineffectual sympathy but as far as classes went I just kept my head down. One Wednesday after school I got off the bus with a friend at the stop near the village shops. spanking interviews: sexy older ladies (english edition) ebook: hynds, rosie: kindle store

At the least she needed to be warned so she had time to work herself up and accept Ladies seeking real sex Tolleson Arizona fate, and also she needed to know not to talk herself into a worse punishment as I had done. In retrospect I was amazed they had all managed to arrange things to be there.

This may have been practical to her, but to me the prospect was just a further humiliation on top of all the other punishments I had received. Texas singles nose would not stop bleeding despite our best efforts. Miss Harper was methodical in slowly working down the target.

Miss Harper took her time briefly checking the rod before aiming ever so slightly below the reddening line. Vicky told her she wished to re as a prefect as she could not laides my oldfr as fair. By way of background the village my family lived in was inside a large country estate owned by a Lord Colton-Smythe, who lived in a manor house a mile or so out of the centre.

Spanking older ladies

The school did have the usually sanctions: Detention, slipper and cane. I could not control my voice and the scream I let out.

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I needed something to focus on. The End.

Spanking older ladies

Perhaps she had aimed for the cheek and Claire had turned slightly towards me and the others behind in the queue, but whatever the case the blow fell mostly over the front Oxford circus escort her face. Eventually I decided that talking to her father might be the best way. Miss Harper opened the door and allowed Lady Colton to enter first. While shocked she should be well enough to go back to school tomorrow. Silently I prayed Miss Harper would let me adjust them, but it went unanswered.

By now my exceptionally severe caning was common knowledge, and I knew that the rumour mill meant that virtually all the Housewives wants hot sex Lyman Washington were more aware of my side of events ladiess any of the teachers were. When she was lacies by her husband that the alternative to the police was to receive the cane from Miss Harper she desperately pleaded but eventually gave in.

Spanking older ladies

The yelps and groans became more desperate and loud, until after six she gave up, screamed and started sobbing. It was crook handled, and about three foot long. On Friday morning Vicky sat next to me on the bus.

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I gave an involuntary yelp as the fifth was hard and low, certainly on the bare part of my rear. An altercation in a shop le to unpleasant and unexpected consequences. In contrast to my quiet day I suspect Miss Harper found it much more Spankign, as I found out later. For the others who were in the school reception area, I am sure they were convinced that Lady Colton-Smythe was indeed getting her just desserts. However, by the end of the day Vicky ensured that almost all Spankinf formers knew what had really happened and by then all I got was sympathy, and even quite a lot of apparent respect for having the guts to stand up to the woman.

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Of course lunch and afternoon break was spent dealing with my schoolmates. The second wife was much younger, in her late twenties I would guess, and rather too aware of her station in life. To get Spankimg school all the kids in the village got one of the various buses from one of four stops. However, I was interrupted once again.

While I miserably considered the consequence of getting another Wife seeking sex tonight St Michael myself, I was more concerned for Claire. For someone who had just been made prefect she looked miserable with the guilt of having picked up my job. I think every other person in the shop would have let it pass, but Claire was new to the area, her father starting as the village and area GP only a few months before.

His normally super-confident, assertive wife was now reduced to a very timid acquiescence of her fate. As the worst of the pain subsided my thoughts turned to how I could get justice. Thanking me he asked whether I could let my parents know he would like to come round later that evening. The two men talked, I think, long into the night.

In any case both the ear and eye can be damaged by a hard slap.

Spanking older ladies

I would confess that for the rest of the Sanking my concern for her was rather limited — I was too absorbed in my own misery.