State Of Wonder Ann Patchett

ISBN: 9781408818596

Published: 2011


353 pages


State Of Wonder  by  Ann Patchett

State Of Wonder by Ann Patchett
2011 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 353 pages | ISBN: 9781408818596 | 5.72 Mb

This book never felt right. The characters were weak and hard to identify with, the plot seemed like something of a time past (yet wasnt), and the outcome of it all was ridiculous. The book would head in one direction for a while, then veer wildly in another. My pet peeve is when authors play fast and loose with characters and established world facts in order to advance plots. Lazy!Lets go for a ride:-American researcher dead in the jungle and his colleague goes to Brazil to find out more - REALLY?-a creepy Australian couple guards the gates?

what /was/ this? it was so random and weird and fleeting-Lakashi have lots of babies, are mostly immune to malaria, but are not a gigantic population. My math doesnt compute on this one-Dr. Swenson abducts children, moralizes constantly, keeps 18 million secrets and is pregnant at 73 (and - an extension of this - experiments on herself in the jungle. cool!). Shes like the matriarch on the soap operas who are always dropping the bad news. Good job on that c-section. NOW DO MINE. (Insert dramatic music and commercial break)-other random doctors think everything is awesome AND WHY SHOULDNT THEY?-Fantastic Mr.

Fox and one of the creepy Australians come to the jungle too! Oh wow, a party!-Anders is alive! And we can trade the abducted child for him. Great!Other oddness:-What was up with all the older man/younger woman couples?-Marina - is anyone this annoyingly naive?-Lakashi - anonymous natives = awesome. I felt more character development was done on the boats than this entire (apparently stable) population-The rainforest ecosystem is considered complex for a reason.

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